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The Liederstube was founded by Eugenia Cheng in 2013  as an oasis for art song in the Fine Arts Building, in downtown Chicago.  Our mission is to present and enjoy classical music in an intimate and informal setting. In doing so we provide a relaxed environment for musicians to enjoy sharing music they love, and for audiences to enjoy classical music without the formality so often associated with it. 


Join us for an intimate evening of Lieder jamming on the second Friday of each month and select Sunday afternoons at the Fine Arts Building aka The FAB (where FAB things happen).  Eugenia Cheng will collaborate with you at the piano on your favourite Lieder or art songs to sing. Or just come along and relax with some good wine, good music, and good people.


In 2014-2015 the Liederstube branched out and held two Lieder jamming sessions in London. In 2015-2016 we branched out further, with Liederstube events in London, New York and Amsterdam, a new recital series at PianoForte Studios, and an appearance at the National Association of Teachers of Singing conference.


The Liederstube is a Not For Profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Fine Arts Building

410 South Michigan Avenue

Studio 721

Chicago, Illinois




(click names to see personal websites)


Eugenia Cheng, piano


All performers to date include:


Brian Acker

Leigh Akin, mezzo-soprano

Dominic Armstrong, tenor 

Lauren Auge, mezzo-soprano

Lindsay Barche, soprano

Emily Birsan, soprano

Paul Bork, soprano

Leila Bowie, soprano

Hoss Brock. tenor

Sarah Ponder Brock, mezzo-soprano (10)

Oliver Camacho, tenor

Daniel Cheng, tenor

Nathalie Colas, soprano

Katy Compton, soprano

Megan Cook, soprano

Michael Costello, baritone

Tom Crawford, baritone

Corey Crider, baritone

Nina Dante. soprano

Maureen Davies, mezzo-soprano (20)

Angela De Venuto, soprano 

Sam Duplessis

Ashley Hodges Emerson

Gerald Finley, baritone

Kaitlin Foley, soprano

Klaus Georg, tenor

Julia Hardin, mezzo-soprano

Ashlee Hardgrave, soprano

Claudia Hommel

Celeste Martino, soprano (30)

Eric Miranda, baritone 

Chelsea Morris, soprano

Gregory Peebles, tenprano

Laura Pinto, soprano

Christine Roberts

Brian Von Rueden, baritone 

Ryan de Ryke, baritone

Sara Salas, mezzo-soprano

Sarah Schroeder, soprano

Anne Slovin, soprano (40)

Jamie Spagnola, soprano

Laura Strickling, soprano

Michael Sylvester, tenor

Zachary Vanderburg, tenor

Nathan Ward

Eric Wassenaar, tenor 

Richard Wiegold, bass

David Govertsen, bass-baritone

Mary Lutz Govertsen, soprano 

Catheryne Shuman, soprano (50)

Patrick Hughes, baritone

Ed Frazier Davis, baritone

Sara Schabas, soprano

Elizabeth Shuman, soprano

Meghan Guse, soprano

Pete Wesoloski, baritone

Jennifer Whennen, soprano

Sarah Cozzi, mezzo-soprano
Sean Sullivan, baritone

Timothy Madden, baritone (60)

Patrick Terry, countertenor

Christopher Remmel, bass-baritone

Amber Monroe, soprano

Errin Brooks, tenor

Rosetta Sellers-Varela, soprano

Bridget Skaggs, mezzo-soprano

Gretchen Adams, mezzo-soprano

Gabriel Di Gennaro, baritone

Brett Hanisko, baritone

Ben passing by (70)

a lady from Quebec

Greg Tufts, tenor

Gillian Kraus-Neale, soprano

Jessie Oliver, soprano

Rohan Zhou-Lee, tenor

Suzanne Ebersole, soprano

Greer Davis, soprano

Yvonne Strumecki, mezzo-soprano

Yun-Kwan Yiu, baritone

La Toya Lewis, soprano (80)

Kristina Bachrach, soprano

Sarah Knott, mezzo-soprano

Remy Van Dobben de Bruyn

Diana Stoic Richardson, soprano

Etsuo Doi, tenor

David Hinman

John Osterhagen

Callie Wohletz, soprano

Laura Rose Oker, soprano

Kathryn Willis, mezzo-soprano (100)

Ashley Mulcahy, mezzo-soprano

Karen Brunssen, mezzo-soprano

Cody Bradley, tenor

Jared Esguerra, tenor

Nicole Besa, soprano

Nolan Carter, tenor

Eeming Chua, alto

Rebecca Weant Costello, mezzo-soprano

Melodie Fox, soprano

Olivia Doig, soprano (110)

MJ Chen, baritone

Jillian Krickl, soprano

Michele Trovato, soprano

Rebecca Hicks, soprano

Anne Rivelli, soprano

Kate Margulis, soprano



NB If you see an error or ommission please let me know! 



Brandon Acker, guitar and lute

Angela De Venuto, interpretative yoga

Reynolds Andujar, dance

Rohan Zhou-Lee, dance

Amaia Gabantxo, flamenco
Martin Metzger, flamenco guitar
Alejandro Sie, cajon and flamenco dance
Thomas Mesa, cello

Antonio Portela, trombone


and guest pianists

Daniel Schlosberg

Alice Sheu

Alex Rowney

Rachel Aubuchon

Mike Brofman

Karina Kontorovich

Andrew Rosenblum

Matthew Gemmill



(click names to see personal websites)


Eugenia Cheng, piano


All performers to date include:


Paul Bork, soprano
Reuben Thomas, baritone
Gavin Kelly, baritone
Kevin Smith, tenor
Fleur Ruda, soprano

Will Bouvel, tenor
William Clements, baritone
Sarah Gabriel, soprano
Charles Aitken, tenor

Richard Wiegold, bass

Sophia Cheung, mezzo-soprano

Paul Phillips, tenor
Sally Randall, viola


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